Becoming an Ex Patriot

Becoming an Ex Patriot

Expats to Asia is not a new idea as a matter of fact it is estimated that 75,000 people each year move to Asia from the US. Many people become expats to Asia for job opportunities and even more retire to Asia.

Of course moving from one country to another requires serious planning and to completely evaluate some considerations. Before you pack read the considerations below.

Money Exchange

A lot of expats to Asia are surprised to find that in some countries there money does not go as far as they thought it would. In many countries the American dollar for instance is highly valued in other countries the exchange rate is not quite a friendly. Before you get ready to move be sure to check on the exchange rate instead of listening to lay people that are almost sort of sure that the cost of living is lower where you are headed.

Learn a New Language

A considerable amount of people are actually quite surprised that not everyone around the globe can speak English. Before you get ready to go you should at least learn some basic phrases to covet the important stuff like “where’s the bathroom?” or “I need food!” Spend some time studying the culture of whatever country you are going to because you do not want to make a fool out of yourself.

 Be Prepared for Culture Shock

The west and the east are two very different places in the world. While yes the world has grown smaller thanks to technology there are still some very different cultural views so prepare yourself for a little cultural shock at first?

 Check Out Housing Options

Every country has different real estate laws. In some countries an expat cannot own property. This may mean that you will be renting and will need to find a place to rent. Check out the laws and regulations that govern real estate transactions in the country you are considering so that there are no surprises when you arrive and find yourself homeless.


There are many support groups worldwide for expats to Asia. Ideally if you can find a support group that is organized in your planned destination it can cut out a lot of the issues when you move because you will be able to get advice about things like housing, visas, travel and other pertinent topics from people that have gone before you.

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