Sites To See In Asia

Sites To See In Asia


To put it simply, Asia is a big place. The largest continent by both size and population, Asia has almost every kind of biome, terrain type, culture, and religion represented within its boarders. As a result, it can be a challenge to figure out what to see when planning a trip to Asia. Lets take a moment to review some of the most popular sight seeing in Asia and talk about why they are worth visiting.


  1. No Site Seeing Trip Would Be Complete Without The Great Wall Of China


The only man made structure visible with the naked eye from space, the Great Wall of China is a testament to the history of the Ming Dynasty. Over 5,000 miles long and more then 2000 years old, it is hard to miss this incredible ancient marvel.


  1. Fantastic Things To See Off The Mainland


Mt. Fuji in Japan has incredible significance to the culture, philosophy, and religion of the Japanese people. At over 12,000 feet high, it is clear and impressive in the horizon. With a number of ways to get to the base, it has never been easier to travel to this incredible geological and culturally significant mountain.


  1. An Urban Experience Like None Other


If you have never been to Singapore, then it should be near the top of your list. With more then 50% of its city land dedicated to parks and green ways, it is no wonder that this Asian city is referred to as the “garden city.” With a number of city tours and sightseeing opportunities, Singapore can be a very friendly city to tour around.


  1. No Sight Seeing In Asia Is Complete Without Incredible Temples


Come to Asia and experience a city made entirely of temples. Known as Angkor Wat, (or city of temples,) this incredible complex of Hindu and Buddhist Temples were lost, only to be rediscovered in 1850. There is nothing quite like checking out this incredible sprawling complex of temples for yourself.



  1. Islands And Beaches, Where The Mountains Meet The Sea


One of the coolest geographic features are the numerous rocky beaches and inlets all over Asia. In particular, northern Vietnam and the islands and beaches of Thailand can offer breathtaking sites. With large pillars of stone shooting skyward, travel the waterways and meet people who have spent their entire lives never once touching mainland. With a thousand opportunities for pictures, there is simply nothing like it.