Traveling Tips from a Road Warrior

Having traveled for years, I’ve learned a few things that I want to pass along.

First, take great care when you’re sorting out your flights.
I personally try to get flights with as few stops as possible. The reason for this, is because the more stops you have the longer the layovers the longer your overall Travel is to your destination. When you’re traveling internationally, you can end up losing so many hours at your destination just because you tried to save $100.

My recommendation is always to try to save as much as you can, however, don’t make yourself crazy trying to travel by stopping three times on the way to Bangkok.

Try to get as many direct flights as possible. I’ve always felt that having a direct flight is much better than an upgrade.

The less time that you spend in the air the better.

What many people don’t realize is that when you’re in the air you’re exposed to all kinds of things that your body doesn’t usually get exposed to.

First off you’re exposed to recycled air. So if someone sick on that aircraft and chances are your nostrils are going to be picking that up. Hopefully your immune system is strong and it bounces right off of you but it may not.

Second, the cabin pressure also puts pressure on your vascular system. That’s why they tell you to get up and move around frequently. That’s to avoid you getting a deep vein thrombosis DVT

Older people are at more risk for this type of thing.

Finally, most people never talk about this. But, your body is exposed to gamma rays that are traveling through the cabin in these higher altitudes. You can look up the effects of gamma rays on your body but I would just recommend minimizing them as much as possible.

When you’re in the airports try to get a membership for the lounges. Often times they have free refreshments and they also offer you a much nicer place to relax while you’re waiting on your next departing flight

The point is make your business travel as easy on yourself as possible. You need to be in tiptop shape for your meetings. If you’re exhausted from the long flights long layovers and physical demand on your body from these flights, then you may not be on your “A” game.

One of the things I have always tried to do is make sure that I have an aisle seat because it’s easier to get up and move and stretch than if you’re in a window seat.  Because if the guy next to you falls asleep, you are stuck unless you are a gymnast or aerialist.

Chances are if you’re seated in an aisle seat you will be more physically active. It’s just easier that way.

Oh, and holy bulk heads batman…Next time you’re on a long flight make sure to get that seat! If you can get some extra legroom with the bulkhead you’ll be greatful.

Oh but be careful. Sometimes when going for bulkhead, you can end up in an exit row with the seat that does not recline…make sure there’s not an exit right behind your chair otherwise you may be sitting straight up for the entire flight.

Just my two “hundred” cents.